solution-oriented collaborative computational planning for smoother decision-making

Our team

Pragmetrics is a start-up specializing in the creation of innovative tools in the field of urban and spatial planning.

Pragmetrics is primarily the dream of Antoine Saurat, an urban planner engaged in international cooperation projects. After ten years of experience as a consultant, he realizes the inadequacy of most of the existing decision-making tools and participatory processes.

Convinced that the exercise of spatial planning must become more dynamic, more agile and more collaborative, he founded Pragmetrics in 2020 to develop new innovative participatory planning tools.

To give himself the means to do so, he then started to learn to program and surrounded himself with experts in various fields which were traditionally compartmentalized: algorithmic and computer sciences, geography, human sciences are now united within Pragmetrics and follow the common goal of searching for solutions to the intricate planning issues of a more and more complex world.


Antoine Saurat

Founder / CEO


Nicolas Carré

Algo dev & 

Ahmad Nahvi

GUI & Design

Yoji Kawamura

Marketing & Sales

Ira Winder


Collaborator at MIT